What is the Market Saying About Your Home

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Market Trends

"What can I expect for my home when it sells?" This is a common question asked when I am at a listing appointment and the answer is anything but simple. There are many things that go into the value of a home, some of which cannot be quantified. While your REALTORĀ® can give you an in depth estimate, the only way to really know have an appraisal done. This is an often unnecessary expenditure that may not yield a higher price or more offers. One inexpensive (FREE!!) method that will get you in the neighborhood of what you can expect if you were to list your home is Market Snapshot. This program takes bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, and recent sells in the vicinity to obtain their estimate of current value. To get a snapshot of your home click here. Don't worry we will not sell, or share your information to anyone!


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